Ree Visanian (treebones) wrote,
Ree Visanian

Neurophysiology is facinating. I think.

We've spent the last several weeks in my physiology class doing a very detailed, high granularity analysis of the electrochemical basis of the formation of nerve impulses. To those of you whose eyes are rolling back into your head at the mere phrase, let me assure you: this is a topic that has the potential to fascinate the hell out of me. I had a lot of "but *why* does it work that way?" questions back when I studied this material before. I'm getting all my answers.

But, unlike my hematology class, I'm fighting a battle to stay awake during class, and the material isn't staying in my head anywhere near as well. I can't tell whether this is a timing issue (mid-afternoon), a media issue (televised), an instructional issue (being given all the tiny details in a row repeatedly so when we are shown the big picture we have a clue), or something else.

Actually, now that I put words around it, I'm pretty sure it is the instructional method. I've got friends who learn best this way. They'd rather be given a solid grounding in the details before being given the big picture. My primary learning style is the opposite. Give me the view from 1000 feet first, please. Otherwise, I may not have the patience to absorb all your %^&*( details while waiting to be told what it is all about.

Hmm. This may resolve itself when I get caught up on my readings and subsidiary study activities, which I think I should make good headway on this week.

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