Ree Visanian (treebones) wrote,
Ree Visanian

Good news. Still somewhat disappointed. Will get over it.

Assuming I've done my grade math correctly, I have earned a 3.0 in my physiology course. That gives me a 3.5 GPA for my MSU classes for this semester, a 3.65 average if you calculate in my LCC grade.

I'm irked largely because it was within my capacity to 4.0 this semester, and I didn't. Next semester, and I suspect within my nursing program, I am going to have to be able to perform steady, disciplined work. Okay, and I need to remember not to move in the middle of my semester.

Anyway, feel free to mock me for my lack of realism. I will probably be doing it myself in the next hour or so. (:

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