January 17th, 2005

To get status updates on Wednesday...

For those of you who'd like to be able to access a central website for updates, U of M Hospital offices a free service called CarePages. I've started one up. In order to get to the page, you have to log in. Any of you who want to are welcome to use the member ID tracyhelper, with password temp1234.

The URL is here: http://www.carepages.com/ServeCarePage?cpn=Crittercare&seed=272070

John Guest phecda has volunteered to keep this updated, if there isn't anyone at the hospital with the technical skills and internet access.

Visiting on Wednesday.`

Those of you who are interested in visiting on Wednesday have two options.

Option 1, John Guest is coordinating a gathering at a restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor called Tios, on Huron Street between Fifth and Division. Those who wish to can gather there, share information, carpool to the hospital, and wait for there a) to be information, and b) for me to be conscious. Any of you who are actively contagious with something or who hate hospitals are encouraged to use this route, rather than option 2.

Option 2. Go to University of Michigan Hospital. Find out where they've put me. Loiter with the people I've arranged to have onsite until such time as I have a few brief and shining moments of consciousness, or more, it's really hard to predict.

Notes: those going to the hospital should park in the Taubman ramp, labeled Structure A. Parking is hideously expensive, so come prepared.

Confession time.

I'm definitely showing signs of fraying around the edges. I'm anxious and irritable, and am not sleeping well. I should be taking a nap right now, but I think I'm too twitchy to sleep. And there are too many things that need done.