January 20th, 2005

I'm home!

I've had kitty lap time, and a shower, and ate solid food. My bruising is going down *quite* quickly. I'm on the tired side, but for the day after major surgery, I'd say I'm in damn good shape. I may have to see about getting photos taken of the bruising, though. (:

To all of you who are convention goers, I'll definitely be seeing you at 'Fusion. I may be sleeping a lot, and I might take the precaution of wearing a facemask (because coughing right now is *not* fun), but overall, I'd say things are going well.

Now I've just got to get the neck rehabbed, and learn how to live without a thyroid.

Oh, a large round of thank yous go out to all the people who braved the fairly hideous roads to be there when I finished up from surgery. It was good to see you there. Particular thanks to Caryn, Kathy, Steve Gutterman, and Vryce, for bed sitting duties above and beyond the call. (: