January 23rd, 2005

Many, many thanks. (:

I'm very tired and feeling a bit odd, so if I do not remember someone on version one of the thank you list, let me know, and please forgive me.

First of all, to Freon and Shalla. Ideas, coordination, hands on work; they've spent much of the last several weeks doing nothing but working to make sure my fundraising stuff came together at ConFusion. And to keep my morale up. And fix my car. The list goes on. So does my gratitude.

To all the people who made ConFusion happen: Thank you. I've done several of your jobs. You did a wonderful job, and made a convention where people were happy and had fun, including me. Go, you!

To the raffle folks, thank you to the folks at Radio Free for donating time, materials, staff, and space; vendors, friends, and people I don't even know for donating items for the raffle; and all the folks who bought tickets. You created an event which helped add a bit of fun to the convention, and generated most of the money I will need to pay for the part of my surgery that Blue Cross won't cover.

Regarding the bake sale: you folks were just *amazing*. Most of the coordination was done by Jennifer Dye and Shalla. It appears that everyone who has ever met me baked something; to acknowledge a few by name, let me mention Jenna "Sugar Whirlwind" Hoyer, Shalla "Cheesecake Queen" Schmidt, Lynda "Knee Deep in Apple Pie" Gronlund, Amy "Cookie Queen" Hughes, and Tracey "How's That Ganache?" Callison. To those of you who gave $20 bills for $2 packets of cookies, I also owe deep thanks. And to Jennifer Dye, Shalla Schmidt, Lynda Gronlund, and Amy Hughes, who I saw working multiple hours to man the tables, again my thanks. Did I mention they paid for close to two months worth of rent and utilities?

To the CritterCare Kissers: I hope you all had fun, and thank you *very* much. Make sure to take good care of your possible impending head colds. (:

To John Guest, and the official CritterCare Drynking Crew: fine Scotch, and a good cause. I trust you folks had fun, as well. (: And to John again, for all the other reasons.

To Aegis Consulting, who ran Saturday evening's Cafe PenguiCon, and kept the fundraising and PenguiCon preregistrations rolling throughout the night.

To all of you who made sure I got meals, and got my calcium on time, and kept me socialized and intermittently snuggled, thank you. To Matt, ConFusion's own SuperGopher, who managed to constantly check in on whether I was okay without ever once being annoying about it. To Joe Saul, for a pirate ribbon with gold skull and crossbones, to commemorate my truly fine and vaguely piratical scar. To Ken, for seizure watch and snuggles. And to Anne Murphy, for a fine job of chairing.

And, honestly, to all of you, for teaching me that I can claim the official title Thoroughly Loved (TM). Y'all have ponied up hugs, cash, labor, stuff, good energy - thank you for all of it.