January 27th, 2005

Taking it easy postop...

or, How I Spent My Last Eight Days, A Recap

Thurs, Jan 20 Discharged from hospital; fed discharge ride, comforted mother, napped, sword class
Fri, Jan 21 Dropped mother off at airport, napped, went to SF convention, stayed up 'til 2 a.m.
Sat, Jan 22 SF convention, napped, stayed up 'til 3 a.m.
Sun, Jan 23 Came home from convention, slept
Mon, Jan 24 Doctor's visit, joined Rec Center, walked 2.5 miles, sword class
Tues, Jan 25 Vet visit, dinner with friends, helped friend with meltdown
Weds, Jan 26 10 hour round trip drive becomes 9 hours one way; stranded in Mechanicsburg, PA for night
Thurs, Jan 27 Pick up military space heater, 8.5 hour drive back from PA; sword class later

I just finished the drive back from PA. For the record, the incision has healed nicely, the hematoma is about 70% resolved, and I feel tired, but good. Gods willing and the creeks don't rise, there will be a more detailed postop update, a convention update, and quite possibly a trip report on the Pennsylvania saga. However, I have to go pick up my medications, get dinner, and head off to sword class. (No, I'm not going to *fight* at sword class; my doctor hasn't authorized me to do anything resulting in sweating yet. But after the last couple of days, I want to get hugs from a bunch of friends, and that's the simplest way to find a large group of them.)