February 2nd, 2005

One year BSN at MSU

I just found out the one year BSN at Michigan State has applications open until March 11. I'd have to talk to an advisor and see if there was any way to get in several prerequisite classes in the summer semester. But it is, at least theoretically, possible. And given how well my rehab program is going, I wouldn't think this would be totally unreasonable. Hard, but nowhere near impossible.

Need to speak with their advisor. (:

Information about the program is here: http://www.nursing.msu.edu/degreeprogramasdbsn.asp

Exercise, yay! (:

I finished the paperwork to get the disability rate for my Rec Center membership, and went in today to work out with Lynda. I did a fair bit of walking, enough minutes on the elliptical trainer to make my legs go a little wibbly, and a set of ten reps on one of the weight machines that works your latissimus dorsi. The lats are one of the muscles which balance out your shoulder elevators, muscles which are tired and tight in most people who work at desks and/or are stressed and defensive.

I *love* the endorphin hit I get from working out. The fact that my legs and shoulders were both actually tired was just *great*. While I'd rather be in a world where I was bright enough to make this a priority without getting cancer and an organ removed, but I'm glad I'm making it a priority now.

Any of you who might be interested in trying to coordinate workout schedules, let me know.