February 8th, 2005

I have been a bad influence upon the young. (:

*preens self* The truck stop waitress was amused by us, everyone should be home by around 4 a.m., and no one looked too groggy to drive. And Jen learned how to use a fork as a catapult. And everyone enjoyed being out with each other. I believe more good than harm was created in the making of this sleep deprivation event.

Speaking of which, time for me to go sleep, since I have to wake up and drug the kitty around 8:00 a.m.

Personal Statements are *hard*.

I downloaded the application for the MSU Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing program, and have spent several hours today crafting a two page personal statement about a) who I am, b) why I want to be a nurse (and what I think nurses do), c) why I want to go through the one year program instead of the three year program, d) why I think I won't snap like a brittle twig under the strain of the accelerated program.

I'd forgotten just how annoying and nerve-wracking it is to sell *myself*.

I've got an interview with the program advisor tomorrow morning around 11 a.m., and hope to heading out from there on a short trip to Chicago to visit Tracey and Ken, and help Tracey out with any last minute frenzy related to running registration for Capricon. Coming back either Friday evening on Saturday morning.

Accomplishments for today.

1. Laundry.
2. Got my wireless router set up.
3. Scheduled an appointment with the MSU nursing advisor for tomorrow.
4. Created a solid first draft personal statement for the MSU application.
5. Cleaned off my desk enough that I can study at it.

Not as much as I might like, but I've still got picking up kitty meds, 20 minutes on the treadmill, drugging the kitty, and a group meeting, so that will probably round out the day.

I'm worried about Quinn.

Quinn is the cat on the thyroid and high blood pressure medications. Sometimes, her pupils are looking pretty large and she's acting like she can't see, even when she's only 8 or 9 hours into what is supposed to be a 12 hour dose.

I have been trying to brace myself for the fact that she probably won't live out the year, and could go at any time. But this cat has been quite literally the only constant thing in my life for the past 12, going on 13, years. When she dies, this is going to be extraordinarily hard for me.