February 11th, 2005

Pre-wedding potluck event.

I just finished putting together a big tray of garlic chicken with coriander for Dawn (dawnwolf) and Steve's (delosd) pre-wedding potluck even this evening. Needs to bake for an hour, then I'll be heading over to their place.

There's something called a visual aura that is sometimes seen by people with migraines or who have seizures. It takes different forms for different people, but one of the more common ones is sometimes described as having "swimmy lights" which either hover at the edge of the field of vision, or sometimes cross it. They'll usually see it as a precursor.

I don't recall having this back when I had my seizure disorder, and I've never really had them for my migraines, either. However, I've just had two instances of this happen in the last hour or so. I think I'm taking along my migraine meds, just in case.