February 16th, 2005

Not normal, but not necessarily bad.

Well, I may be having a period of somewhat-enforced solitude, but I'm pleased to say that it is resulting in accomplishing some things.

Today's victories included candlemaking, and submitting my application for readmission to MSU. On the plus side, applying for readmission doesn't cost anything, and the online form allows you to simply check a box stating you're applying for readmission to Honors College as well.

I'm going to call Honors College tomorrow to schedule an appointment with them. I have taken all the prerequisites for the Acccelerated Second Bachelors in Nursing, but not within the time windows the College of Nursing requests. I'm hoping, if I get an Honors Advisor on my side, that I can get someone to accept my credits. We'll see, but it seems at least worth a try.

I'm worried about the off chance that I won't have the cancer and the thyroid issues settled out by September, when the program begins. However, I'm reminding myself that I always have the option of declining their acceptance, if that proves necessary. So the only person whose time I'm risking wasting, really, is my own.