February 17th, 2005

Life dreams and night dreams.

Life dream: Nursing.

I just scheduled an appointment for Monday to meet with my new Honors College advisor at MSU, and have mail out to the Accelerated Second Bachelors' in Nursing advisor asking him if he has time available that afternoon. I'm going to have to scrabble to get my ducks in a row for applying for this before the hypothyroidism kicks in hard, but I think it might actually be possible, if I can get the Honors College advisor to go to bat for me in terms of giving me blessing on my prenursing credits. (I've taken all the appropriate courses. Just not recently enough, 14 years ago to their requested 10.)

I hadn't realized how much I *missed* having a major goal to aim myself at. This is going to be *fun*, in a high-stress, achievement-oriented sort of way. (:

Night dream

So, I have a friend named Val who goes to Albion College. She's a very nifty person. I had a dream two nights ago where Albion wasn't just a college, it also had a very prestigious prep school attached to it. Val was the daughter of the headmaster, and was very well known throughout the school and the town for her kindness, intelligence, and leadership. She was known, with no sarcasm whatsoever, as the Queen of Albion. While in the dream she looked, physically, just like Val, it was a Val with the subtle change of bearing that comes from being raised with the knowledge of one's own worth, and constant daily reminders of that worth coming from both outside and within. She *was* the Queen of Albion. It was obvious, not only from the quietly understated air of very real power, but also with all the *graciousness* I'd expect from Val in that setting.