February 23rd, 2005

Speed update, then sleep.

Talking with the nursing advisor at MSU went relatively well. The program could be a good match, but I doubt I'm going to get a blanket waiver on the prenursing credits being too old. I likely will need to retake several of the nursing prerequisite courses this year, and get in on next year's program.

However, in such a case, two years to complete a second Bachelor's degree is not bad. My research indicates that my other options are to spend two years at a community college program getting an Associate's degree (with resulting R.N.), or spend three years in a traditional nursing BSN program.

I am chewing on this.

On a separate note, thanks to delosd, who just donated his evening to helping me complete my taxes for 2003 and 2004. (Yes, I know. Bad me. But it is fixed now.) Once the dust settles, I will be getting over $1000 from the fed and the state, and it is cash that is going to be well-appreciated when it arrives. Getting well is *expensive*.

Additionally, one of my oldest friends had her dad die earlier this evening. No surprise, but still much grief. If she goes up north to be with her family tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can't catch a ride and go along. Sometimes a set of hands not attached to an actively grieving person is helpful. However, this will mean being off the internet, and, I believe, out of my non-roaming cell range.

Finally, I am now off my thyroid medication and on the low iodine diet for the next 13 days.

Small cheerinesses.

I am pretty sure I have a good dress for the wedding I'm in four weeks from now. My friend Caryn had given me a black dress a while back, and I tried it on, and I think it will work, particularly if I get a small dressy black jacket to go with it. (Spaghetti straps in late March are *not* standalone, in my book.)

I was gifted with a lovely necklace and set of earrings from tanac which will make perfect accessories for the black dress noted above. Sometimes I will get a piece of jewelry which pleases me all out of normal measure, and the necklace, in particular, is one of them. I suspect I'm going to wear it a *lot* for a while. It is tiger eye and a mostly black stone I can't identify, with silver highlights.

When I was putting cocoa butter on the thyroid scar, I was noticing that the underlying scar mass is palpably smaller than it was even a week ago, further evidence that I am rehabbing *remarkably* well.

And I have kitties who purr at me, and third season West Wing coming my way, and a really sweet human being flirting with me. And I have a new, year-spanning, multi-step project, which always makes me happy. (More about this later, nursing school is simply the first step.) There's a lot in my life which actively sucks. But there's a lot that doesn't.

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