February 28th, 2005

Random notes.

1. Not driving because I'm off thyroid meds is annoying. More annoying, than, so far, being off the meds has been.
2. The low iodine diet, it turns out, does not have to be a hideous hardship. According to the NIH, if I want to spend the next 10 days living on OJ, Coke, cinnamon almonds, and potato chips, I can. So not all good things have gone out of my life.
3. Had a very nice multi-hour conversation with whthorse. I sincerely like the man; he's easy to talk with, and is clearly actively interested in what I'm saying, which is nice.
4. Having four cats in the apartment, even four cats with segregation, appears to be *very* bad for Quinn. I'm doing what I can to blunt the stress.
5. My roommate is actively house hunting. Anyone out there who hears of a good, cat-friendly housing bargain in the greater Ann Arbor or greater Brighton/Howell area, keep me posted. If you know people who might make stable and sane roommates who are not cat-allergic, this could also prove useful.
6. No major aftermath to the head cold than some occasional coughing on going from indoors to outdoors.
7. Very, very tired. Going to brush teeth and go to sleep. (: