March 1st, 2005

Calling All Potential Roommates!

My lovely and talented roommate Jennifer xtatic1 is actively looking into purchasing a house in this area. I am beginning to actively plan and prepare for what I am going to do when Jennifer is no longer a part of my housing picture.

In a happy and shiny world, I would find wonderful new roommates and not have to move. If not, I need to begin looking for a new place ASAP, and begin preparing for that move. Therefore, I must begin the Great Roommate TrollTM.

So, if you have ever seriously toyed with the possibility of having me as a roommate, now is the time to say so, even if it is only in the thought experiment stage. My perfect world would have you be:

* not cat allergic (non-negotiable)
* not cat owning (only barely negotiable)
* non-smoking (negotiable, but never ever in the apartment)
* interested in living in Whitmore Lake
* Able to support between $550-600 a month in combined rent and utilities (for one roommate). For two roommates (it is a three BR 2 bath apartment), the numbers are *much* shinier.

What do you get for this?

* share of a 3 BR 2 bath apt with W/D in the apartment.
* Pool in summer.
* Very, very safe community.
* Fabulous company. (:
* Good location for anyone with ties to multiple areas: about centered between the Ann Arbor area, the Novi/F Hills/Southfield area, and the Pinckney/Dexter/Howell/Brighton area.

There is doubtless more you need to know, and more I should say, but I must go troll apartment listings. Let me know what ideas and suggestions any of you might have. Keep in mind not only yourself, but your friends, your family, your coworkers...I am relatively easy to live with, and get along with a wide range of people.