March 5th, 2005

Passing on the warming: frienditto.

Shamelessly scooped from euziere. Thank you! I post in public, so I'm not too worried about this, but I wanted to pass the word.

Euziere Penned:

I'm not worried about anyone I have friended doing this, but it's important to get this out:

Frienditto will take your friends' LOCKED ENTRIES and archive them in a PUBLICLY SEARCHABLE database.

Don't sign up with Frienditto, and if you have, change your lj password RIGHT NOW:

If you have sensitive information in locked posts and have lj-friends you don't know much about, or know that you have lj-friends who don't understand computer security all that well, you may want to temporarily remove them from your friends list and post something like this post in your journal.

If you have posted friends-locked posts in communities and a member of that community has joined frienditto, your friends-locked post may now be there.

Frienditto has a search function. You can search for specific content to see if someone has given away your posts, although it won't return results if you search for your username: Edit: This only lets you search their descriptions of the posts, not the actual posts. But Google has frienditto archived (lagged by a couple days usually), which means you can tell whether someone's given away your posts but is going to suck a lot more in the long run.

The people who run Frienditto are affiliated with LJ Drama, by the way.

More information here:

and here:

Please pass this on. Really bad shit could happen to people who trust their friends not to tell what's in their locked posts, and whose friends wouldn't tell - but who might not know not to sign up with Frienditto.

Please copy and distribute this post however you want.


I'm hypothryoid, but my mood is pretty good. It's just my energy level which is lightly problematic. I'm not driving, which is good, because I'm discovering the hypothyroid brain fog is a very real thing. And I'm just as happy I'm not trying to make the March 12th deadline for the MSU Accelerated Nursing program, because the fuzziness is getting into my verbal centers...I posted a right/write verbal error in a friend's journal today, which was *wildly* embarrassing to me. But at least I have a medical diagnosis to blame it on...(:

On Thursday, I looked at two places in Howell that I'd be pretty happy moving into. Each has their own cost to benefit ratio. One has a stunning location, but small rooms and is north-facing. The other is well-lit, with a good feeling of space, but is in an apartment complex, and I'm lightly jonesing to be in something more house-shaped.

Since I am looking at taking a year to complete auxiliary classes before aiming at the Accelerated Nursing program, I am thinking of readmitting to MSU as a physiology major, rather than a nursing major. A conversation with a friend has me reopening the whole nursing school versus med school question; I expect this year will help me figure out the answer to that.

Okay, I'm amused - medical.

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone. It's the hormone your body produces to tell your thyroid that it needs to make more thyroid hormone.

So, the normal range for TSH is 0.5 to 5.5. Last time they tested me several weeks ago, I was 7.4. As of my blood work on Thursday, my TSH level was 87.

Look out! Don't get too close! My pituitary may lash out and try to mug you for thyroid hormone!