March 7th, 2005

RAI treatments, day 1

It turns out that the tiny little tracer dose they give me today doesn't give me restrictions, so those of you I would normally see on Monday evening, well, see you there. (:

Tomorrow morning, they administer a slightly higher radioactivity scan dose, and then give me a full body scan to see where it has gone, and how much of it has gone there. Then I meet with the doctor, we'll discuss the results, and we'll figure out whether or not I need to be given a larger dose to burn out the remaining thyroid cells, and how big that dose needs to be. The duration of my restrictions will all directly relate to the size of the dose. If they don't need to ablate, I need to isolate myself from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. If they need to give me a cell-killing dose, I'll be on a restrictions for about 3-4 days.