March 15th, 2005

As of Tuesday.

Job Update: the first two possible practice locations for seeing the chiropractor's patients will not work. I will be talking to at least two people today about other possible locations.

Housing Update: There is a house in Howell six blocks from downtown and ten blocks from the chiropractor which has a one bedroom in it for rent. I find, when I go there and just sit on the porch, I just find myself naturally relaxing. I have a strong suspicion this is where I'm going to land for the next year. Next spring, I'll know if I'm going with the nursing program at MSU, and if so, may well relocate to Lansing with friends. But I suspect this house is for me, at least for this year.

Today: Must go buy more professional clothing, look at other possible practice locations, and meet with two different people about practice spaces. Then to Oak Park at 8 p.m., then back to Ann Arbor. I've got the edges of a headache, but hopefully I can either head it off, or bull through.