March 20th, 2005

What to note?

Overall status: Apologies to any of you who've tried to get hold of me this week and haven't succeeded. Starting and finishing phase I of the new job, trying to get ready to move, my thyroid not being quite up to snuff, and the wedding this Saturday ended up more or less eating my life. I'm (close to technically) exhausted, mostly happy, and hopeful.

Work: It looks like I may be getting back into professional massage therapy, with a built-in referral relationship to both a very driven chiropractor, and a PT clinic. I meet with all the involved parties over lunch tomorrow (Monday) at 11 a.m., with the goal of restarting work on Monday, March 28th. More to follow.

Housing: xtatic1, my roommate Jennifer, is still continuing her quest for a house, so I've put in an application on an apartment in Howell. I haven't heard back yet, and frankly, I'm nervous. I am hoping to use this week to do my stage one move (cats, bed, basic kitchen), and then do a gradual cull, pack, and move over the next several weeks. However, since I haven't been working, I needed a guarantor, and the landlord has to feel happy and comfortable with that arrangement. All of the guarantor's and my information was on the application. Must just wait. Eeep. And hope.

This weekend: Shipped my friend Ken (whthorse) in from Chicago to serve as my arm candy at a wedding this weekend. (Congratulations, delosd and dawnwolf! Best wishes, and *fabulous* wedding!) It was very fun watching him comfortably and unselfconsciously meet and enjoy a whole bunch of new-to-him people. A bonus for me, I discovered something. I had believed all my life that I simply didn't have the skills necessary to dance with another person. I suspected that I could learn them, whatever it was that I lacked, but had never made it a priority. The couple of times I had tried dancing with other folks of observed skill at dancing hadn't gone well; I usually ended up either tripping over them or getting underfoot.

It appears that I had never actually managed to dance with someone who had both the dancing skill and the *leading* skill. Ken's got both. Dancing with him was easy, and fun. I'm not managing in any way to communicate what an epiphany this is proving for me...maybe I'll try again later, when I've had more time to be with it and think about it. But my sincere thanks to Ken for giving me a chance to learn it. (:

The wedding was just *filled* with scenic and interesting people. Pretty good food. Very good dancing. It was very, very fun. (: