March 29th, 2005

Not dead, just not online.

The process of moving from Whitmore Lake to Howell continues, if gradually. The process of acquiring a massage therapy job progresses, if gradually.

My energy levels have dropped fairly notably over the last several days. Based on several other things that I've been noticing (skin changes, increased headaches, joint and muscle achiness), it appears that I'm finally arriving at a period of time of *feeling* hypothyroid.

I'm a little concerned, since I'm having real problems with keeping myself motivated enough to keep the move and the job hunts going. I also missed out on a fairly major social gathering because I was just too bloody tired to drive there. I'm not panicking, but if any of you who see me face to face regularly notice you haven't seen much of me for a few weeks, someone may want to come and do a depression check.

On a positive note, my mood is generally good, and both cats are settling into the new place fairly well. (: