March 31st, 2005

It's 2:15 a.m., and I must note two things.

First, I am pleased and proud to announce my initiation into the Most Ancient and Secret Order of the Peripatetic Llama, which I just invented.

Secondly, I am officially admitting that I'm not doing really well at the moment. I'm having fatigue to a point starting to approach intermittent narcolepsy. (I'm awake now due to an unexpected and unscheduled sleep period earlier this evening.) I'm having to apply conscious will to attempt and complete mission critical life tasks. I'm having a migraine about once every 2-3 days. I'm starting to have lowgrade muscle spasms when I try to stretch. This essentially makes me the hypothyroidism poster child, so hopefully the increased dose of thyroid medication will start to turn this around in another two to three weeks...gods willing and the creeks don't rise.

On the plus side, my mood is fairly good, and things in my life are headed in the right direction. But there is a possibility that I'm going to be having instances of the spirit being willing, but the flesh being weak. Should they have an impact on you, please try not to take them personally...