April 4th, 2005

Next year's PenguiCon.

So, I was thinking, a week or two ago, and I was realizing.

I need a project. One with an achievable and tangible goal, and a deadline. One which benefits a whole bunch of people. One where I know the rules of the game, and know how to win. Something which isn't too easy, and won't be over too soon. Something where the process itself is essentially entertaining to me.

If I can make a whole bunch of other people feel creative and victorious in the process, that would be cool. If it allows me to give back to fandom, who've gone the second and third miles for me this year in helping me through the thyroid cancer, even better.

So, I'm thinking of proposing myself as a candidate for convention chair for next year's PenguiCon. Assuming I can pull together the con-running team I think I can, it should be possible for this to be a good opportunity for me to hang out with a large group of creative and competent people and do something I'm good at and enjoy.

Those who might choose to join me get my standard promise: if you are in charge of something, you tell me what you want to do, we come up with a plan we both agree is reasonable, and then I get the hell out of your way except when I'm handing you the resources you need to do your job. We both try to make it as fun and drama-free as possible, both for the two of us, and the people around us, if at all humanly possible.

Any of you who would be interested in helping me run PenguiCon if I end up chairing in 2006, please email me privately to tell me what areas you might be interested in being in charge of. If you wish to tell me I'm insane, and outline the reasons I shouldn't do this, you're welcome to do that either by private mail, or in comments, whichever makes you happier. (: