April 5th, 2005

Current Project: Moving Event/Birthday Thing April 16th

Hi, guys! I'm moving April 16th, and I need help!

Here's the summary:

11 a.m.: Load the truck in Whitmore Lake.
11-2ish: Pack, drive, unload in Howell.
Between 2-4 p.m.: Finish the move, eat tasty homemade food.
8 p.m.: Tracy's birthday dinner at a local restaurant

As many of you no doubt know, I'm in the middle of moving from Whitmore Lake to Howell. On April 16th, I will be renting the requisite Truck and moving the furniture, and whatever else I actually have packed at that time. Take this opportunity to hang out with nifty people, see my new place, and get fed tasty, home-made food. I'm thinking homemade pizza and a tray of garlic chicken with coriander, plus probably brownies and pie. Plus various beverages and the like.

I am pretty sure this is only going to take one trip.

I'll confirm details a little further in, but I'm thinking to load the truck in Whitmore Lake at 11 a.m. It seems reasonable to think we'll be in Howell and unpacked by somewhere between 2 p.m and 4 p.m., at which time I will feed people. The old place *is* on the third floor (sorry), but the new place is ground floor (yay!)

Since my birthday is the day before the move, I will probably drag the lot of you out the evening after the move to a restaurant in the area for dinner around 8 p.m., as well, in celebration of my continued aging. (:

For those of you who hate moving, have a physical disability, or have a scheduling conflict, yes, you are allowed to come out for the birthday thing in the evening even if you don't help with the move. But no tasty home-made mover food for you, and we do reserve the right to lightly harass you for it. (:

For those of you able to help out with the move, fabulous. You get food and beverage and serious gratitude, and the ever important Moving Karma. (:

Feel free to forward word on to anyone you think would be interested and willing to help. However, if folks can let me know who's coming, that will let me make sure I've prepared enough food to feed you all.

Love you all. Hope to see you at the move, but if not, come out and visit me in my new place...I'm six blocks from downtown, and two blocks from a really lovely lake and park. (: