April 6th, 2005

It's annoying to me...

...that I seem to be on a schedule on two to three days of moderate function, and one day of total slackerdom.

Yes, I am aware that I'm less than 90 days out from organ removal for cancer surgery. First, of all, this isn't about being realistic. This is about me being pissed off by my imperfections. Second, it is about the fact that I currently need to acquire a job, a practice location, a clientele, and move, all at once, and I can't *afford* to have this much down time right now.

I suppose I should give myself some kudos for the fact that I probably have acquired the part-time job, I have a lead on the practice location, and while the packing portion of the move isn't proceeding particularly efficiently, it is happening, at least in fits and starts.

Still. Mrphle.

Oh, and just to remind myself.

Good things are happening in my life. Not necessarily in order:

1. My plants have joined me in Howell, and almost all of them are well.
2. I bought a lilac bush while I was in Illinois, and will eventually plant it.
3. I got to visit Ken in Chicago for his birthday, we ate highly tasty food, and it was all quite nifty.
4. I had my first extended ride on the back of a motorcycle, and it was quite good.
5. Quinn slept near my head for part of the evening last night, and this is a MuchBigGoodSign. I'm not totally done being worried, but I'm much less so now.
6. I have had the chance to read several books in a series of complete brain candy (thank you, Becca!)
7. Tomorrow I will confirm whether I have the part-time job, and look at a possible practice location.

Just so I don't forget that while my life feels a bit trudgy right now, it isn't *all* alligators and mosquitos.