May 7th, 2005

Enough with the whining, perhaps. (:

I am beginning to believe that maybe it is time for me to look a few things in the eye, get over them, and move on.

I had cancer. It sucked. I don't have it any more. It is time to get over it.

I spent all the money I had, including IRA and my house downpayment, on treatment. I spent all the money my friends have raised for me. I hate poverty, and I'll hate filing for bankruptcy even more. I must get a job which allows me to pay *all* of my bills, not just some of them, and I must do this immediately.

I'm healthy. I've got widespread work experience. I know how to job hunt. It is time to stop whining about how tired and lacking in initiative I am, and *do* something. If I only have one motivated hour a day, I need to use that hour for job hunting. Which means I have to get all the roadblocks out of my way.

I have a computer, a desk, and resume paper. I must acquire a printer and internet access.

Gods willing, I will get the printer tomorrow. I either need an inverter or a replacement battery for a model PP01L Dell Latitude, so I can scam wireless access off of local businesses, even during the wee sma' hours of the night, as this is usually when I have the energy to get things done.

Anyone with a spare inverter, an old Latitude battery, or any leads on administrative, office management, or marketing jobs, should let me know.