May 10th, 2005

News Flash: I'm not chairing PenguiCon this year.

Because I need to go home, drug the cats, and head out to Ann Arbor, I will simply copy over the message I just posted to the penguicon-general list.

How do I feel? Upset, by the betrayal of my will by the needs of my body. And, simultaneously, somewhat relieved.


Hello, folks!

Tracy Worcester here, convention co-founder and chair nominee for PenguiCon 4.0.

I am sorry to note that I am going to have to withdraw my candidacy
for chair for this coming year. While my health at the moment is
quite good, and I have been looking forward to the challenge, I
remembered two days ago that I may be spending a good chunk of March
2006 in very poor condition due to some followup medical testing
required to make sure that I still don't have cancer. The convention
is scheduled for the third week in April; losing March would be a very
big problem. (:

On a positive note, in my role as PenguiCon board member, I have
nominated a very solid replacement candidate. Aaron Thul has been
nominated, and the board has confirmed his acceptance of the nomination.
Those of you who have worked on PenguiCon 2.0 and 3.0 may be familiar
with Aaron. If not, you may nonetheless have noticed we had a very
good A/V setup. That is because our A/V was being run by Aaron Thul,
A/V guy extraordinaire, small businessman, and geek of several stripes.

Based on my experience with him, I can say that Aaron is reliably
cheerful and competent. He seems to get along well with everyone he
works with. He is a geek both by profession and by nature, and has
experience managing groups of people on both a professional and
volunteer basis. He's been working with PenguiCon for the last two
years, and has done a wonderful job. I am definitely hoping that he
will be elected at the Board meeting this Saturday.

If Aaron is elected, I'll be pleased to see one thing I hoped for from
PenguiCon happen: a technical person, not originally involved in
fandom, coming to a major position of direction and authority within the
convention. I have a strong hope that Aaron, if elected, will continue to
nurture the fannish aspect of the convention, while strengthening and expanding
its open source and technical components.

The election for chair will be occurring at the PenguiCon Board
meeting this Saturday, March 14th. If anyone else wishes to put
themselves forward as a candidate for chair for PenguiCon 4.0, they
should contact one of the Board members, including Susan Harris,
myself, Rob Landley, and John Guest.