May 13th, 2005

Reconsidering work possibilities.

My morale has been completely tanked for the last several weeks, but I'm at least now getting the occasional day that doesn't suck. Today seems to be one of them.

So I actually had neurons and optimism on hand when I ran into one of my old clients. She works in an office full of people doing sign language all day. This is a population of people who have enduring professional need for massage therapy, and often have the cash to pay for it. She and I had discussed the possbility of my going to do chair massage at this office before it had opened, but then I got sucked into dealing with the cancer, and many things fell off the radar.

I'm going to contact her office manager. If, for example, I was able to set up an arrangement to go in two days a week for three hours a day and charge $1 a minute for 15 minute sessions...even if not all the sessions were booked every day, this might come most of the way to bridging the gap between what I make at the coffehouse and what I need to meet my budget. Combine this with getting my have table/will travel business back on track, and it might be possible for me to make a living on work I love.

I won't stop pursuing the other job leads I have; there are so many points at which this could fail. But there's no reason not to pursue this as equal in validity to the other options...and it *would* be nice to not have to sacrifice *everything* in my life that I was looking forward to...