May 19th, 2005

Obviously, it is time to turn to the dark side.

When I embrace evil, remember I got the idea from dawnwolf. (:

Star Wars Horoscope for Aries

Like many aries, you have demonstrated your penchant for inflicting pain.
You feel you are at the center of the universe and that you must be in control.
You enjoy being a leader... and you find that your aggression and quick temper serve you well.

Star wars character you are most like: The Emperor

Don't know quite what to say.

I like my coffeehouse job, quite a bit. I'm relaunching the traveling massage therapy business. My mom, bless her, is helping me float expenses until I get financially stable again. I love the feel of the new apartment. I have amazingly, delightfully, incandescently fabulous friends. The cats are doing pretty well. I'm managing to get unpacked, slowly but surely. Given the money I currently possess, I can pay May's bills, and June's rent, barring unexpected expenses. I think I should be able to cover June's bills and July's rent with only the help of my mom's subsidy. It seems not unreasonable that I should be able to tell my mom to keep her money after July's rent is paid, and support myself on my own. (Gods willing and the creeks don't rise.)

Nonetheless, I still feel pretty miserable. I'm forging forward anyway. I've been giving myself bonus points for progress in the face of emotional resistance. But I hope against hope that my emotional reality will improve to mirror the practical improvements. Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon. Please. Soon.

Small victory.

I just sent off a resume to an orthopedic physical therapy clinic which is advertising for a massage therapist. Don't know if anything will come of it. But at the very least, I *did* something.