May 20th, 2005

Mixed day.


* I managed to excavate most of the boxes in the kitchen, and while I have a sink full of things to be cleaned, I have also successfully reclaimed both of my kitchen counters. Still don't know where the enormous box of Tupperware-like objects is going to go, but I'm down to *one* kitchen box of mystery, and that is quite a victory. The top of the hallway bookcase is also no longer covered in mystery boxes.

* I managed to get checks in the mail for all my current bills that I have been able to locate, and actually had enough money in my account to pay them. Okay, except the medical bills (see negatives, below), but still.

* I got my oil changed. The place in Howell is relatively cheap and fast, and if I make a priority of caring for the car, the odds of it surviving long enough that I can afford to replace it go up.

* It is a beautiful day, and the few minutes I took at the lake by my house were just lovely.

* I am doing two bodywork sessions this afternoon.


* Mood's still pretty damn variable. I'm saving my functionality for the bodywork sessions this afternoon...that means I've tabled the business-related work I was going to do today until Sunday afternoon.

* I set up payment plans for my outstanding medical bills. They are willing, between the two branches of U of M I owe money to, to take only $65 a month for the next few months until I'm gainfully employed. After that, they go up to $140 a month - minimum.

RANT: I don't have the bill in hand yet, but it appears that I get to pay U of M about $400 for the specialist visit in which they told me I had cancer. The version of Blue Cross I had at the time doesn't cover doctor's visits. I talked to him for about 45 minutes or so. That means U of M is earning about $533 per hour for this man's time. I recognize this is a nationally recognized specialist, and U of M did a wonderful job with me....but $533 PER %^&*() HOUR?