May 28th, 2005

Levoxyl versus levothyroxine

I began to figure something out a couple of days ago. When I was first put on thyroid hormone, I wound up on a medication called Levoxyl. (Thyroid hormone has many generic versions which go by different names. Levoxyl and levothyroxine are two of the most common.) The dose wasn't high enough, but I was making good forward progress, as far as I can recall. Around the end of March, my dose was increased, and I got switched to another generic version of thyroid hormone called levothyroxine. A couple of weeks after that, I began to notice energy and mood problems. It takes a couple of weeks for thyroid hormone to build up in the body, so dose increases or medication changes have a lag time in terms of results.

Now, I've been warned by other thyroid takers that not all the generics of thyroid hormone react the same with them. It is possible to have a dose of one version which will keep your body happy, and another which won't have anywhere near as good an effect. So I'm beginning to wonder if the change may have been an unhappy accident.

Maybe I need to try the higher dose in the Levoxyl, and see if that works better than the levothyroxine has been.

Selective memory, what joy.

Just reviewed my LJ posts since the beginning of March. While trying Levoxyl might be a good idea, it will be no magic bullet; I first started to bottom out about three weeks after I would have gone on the Levoxyl.


On the flip side...

...I'm beginning to do the things I need for my life to become good again. I got blood drawn to test my thyroid levels. I got a landline so I can get DSL (internet access from home both improves my job hunt and my social connections). In short, I am stepping out of learned helplessness and embracing practical necessities for re-establishing my own center and security. About bloody time. (:

Additionally, I may be relearning how to pursue and catch happiness again. Among other things, I've been reclaiming bits of my spiritual practice, taking time to appreciate beauty, and reclaiming fully seeing and being present with those I am around regularly. For those of you I don't see regularly, my apologies. I'm hoping to get my energy levels back up enough that I can soon start reaching out beyond those conveniently to hand. Until then, be kind to yourselves and those around you, and send me what good thoughts you can spare.

Lack of money has an anxiety-inducing effect which interferes with my ability to pursue happiness. But there are tools I can wield that are cheap or free, and I am beginning to use them again.

I'm *tired* of having my posts be mostly complaining about not having the energy to get things done. I want the energy to fill my life with variously-sized victories again. And I *will* reclaim that energy. One way or another.