June 1st, 2005

Home internet access in another six days! (:

I am overjoyed to know that in less than a week I will have internet access from home. Job hunting, socializing, everything becomes easier when I add access to the internet. I didn't realize just how crippling lack of access to this tool could be until I spent the last few months living it. Over soon, yay!

Need help with knee, ankle, or foot problems?

I'm trying to gather funding for a massage therapy continuing education workshop on orthopedic diagnoses for the knee, ankle, and foot, including things like patellar tracking disorders, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and plantarfascitis. Given the number of people I know with blown knees and weird feet, I *really* want to go this workshop, and don't want to let my lack of cash get in the way.

Therefore, I thought I'd toss this offer out to the people I know:

If you give me:

*$30, you will get three 15 minute bodywork sessions (normal cost, $45)
*$50, you will get six 15 minute bodywork sessions (normal cost, $90)

These sessions can involve leg work, or any other area, and yes, fifteen minute segments can be combined (i.e., if you give me $50 and want one complete 75 minute session, I'm fine with that).

Let me know if you're interested.