June 2nd, 2005


Sometimes cellphones give up the ghost at inopportune times.

I was on the phone with the nurse in my endocrinologist's office. She was in the middle of telling me that my thyroid numbers look a little high, and the doctor might actually want to *drop* my dose.

Like *hell* he'll drop my dose...As I began to explain to her about the energy and mood problems I'm having and find out what the various numbers actually *were*, my cell phone battery gave out. Raaaahr.

I want to know both what my T4 *and* my T3 numbers were. I know it is possible that my thyroid levels are normal and my brain chemistry has just gone wonky. After all, it's been a hard year. But I'm *really* not interested in pursuing a secondary diagnosis if the thyroid is still at the root of the whole damn thing.

And may I say somewhat uncharitably that the nurse didn't actually sound very bright?