June 15th, 2005


It's cool enough that I actually *want* to wear clothes! Yay!

Also on a positive note, since I changed Quinn's food, she's put on weight, she's more uppity and demanding of attention, and whichever of them was throwing up has more or less stopped. Quinn was a very fluffy stick figure before, so I'm overjoyed. The current food is not a kidney-friendly diet, but I'm keeping her on it until I take her in to the vet to get blood work. If it turns out her kidney numbers are too high, I'll see about working stuff out with the vet; perhaps we can do a mix of this food and the kidney diet.

On the down side, I discovered in the middle of the night last night that my refrigerator door had been partially open for an unknown period of time. Time to pitch all the milk and eggs.