June 21st, 2005


This post was supposed to be all about me being ass-kicking and victorious in replacing one of the boards in my printer, and then starting it up and having it work beautifully. Instead it is about me being cranky and wanting to swear because the printer will power up, but does not print. Odds are good that I need to go back in and reseat the connectors or somesuch.

I am not doing it now. I don't know whether I will do it tomorrow. I am irritable about the whole thing. It was so simple. But even with that, I have apparently done it wrong. Cranky. Cranky. Cranky. I'm going to read for a little while, and then sleep.

No Tios for me tonight.

Hope you folks have a good evening, but I won't see you there. I'm doing a run out to Lake Michigan after work this evening, just because I feel like it. (Long drives with no set arrival time are kind of meditative for me.)

To all who celebrate it, have a good summer solstice. (: