June 22nd, 2005

Must remember...

...that long drives are excellent for introspection, and that Lake Michigan is excellent for providing an oddly comforting perspective reset, both energetically and psychologically/emotionally.

On the drive out last night, I got a chance to name and look in the eye a few things. By my internal standards of what makes a good person, I am less of one than I used to be. And I don't currently like myself a whole lot. Love myself, yes, but like, not really.

Let me clarify. Collapse )

I provisionally like myself again. Human failings are annoying, but acceptable. But if I have this lovely insight and *do nothing with it*, I reserve the right to go back to not liking the person I've become.

When I make quiche...

...it is a thing of beauty. I mean that literally. The color and line of what I just pulled from the oven was close to artistic. Go, me.

Nothing particularly innovative this time - spinach, fennel, and garlic quiche again - but I did use the fennel I got from Penzey's spices, so I will be interested to see how that influences the taste. (: