July 4th, 2005

Go, me! Nursing school.

Over the last two weeks, several emotional blows to the head and gut have given me a strong desire to finally get off my butt and do the things necessary to become financially and practically self-supporting again. I'd had a burst of energy that got me moving in the right direction a little while ago, but unfortunately this stalled out for a bit. My new forward momentum, combined with the knowledge that my mom may need financial assistance during her retirement, has gotten me moving again towards making nursing school happen.

I filed my financial aid paperwork yesterday. I also did some research on nursing salaries, particularly in this area, and was able to confirm that yes, if I go into this field full-time, I will have more than enough to live comfortably *and* help out my mom, right after graduation. There are still some question marks in my budget calculations for student loan payback, but my best guess estimates look promising. Since I filed online, I'm hoping to hear back within the next week.

Assuming I can get enough financial aid to make this possible, I am going back to school full-time in the fall. I am considering whether to go for a traditional four year program, or whether I'll aim myself at the accelerated second bachelors. Fortunately (sort of), I have a solid year's course work to take before I need to make a final decision on that.