July 8th, 2005

Glad I'm stubborn.

I applied for readmission the first time, and (I suspect due to a forms reset), accidentally applied to readmit as a psychology major. I was declined due to already having the degree.

I applied again for readmission to the college of nursing as a prenursing major. They have declined to accept me due to my "high level of credits", and suggest I re-enroll as another major and complete my nursing prerequisites. Why having taken many courses before should make me ineligible to become a prenursing candidate, I do not know.

I have now resubmitted an application as a physiology major. We'll see how that goes.

I'm considering looking at other schools, but I seem to recall attendees of almost every school I've ever heard of recounting some form of inflexible bureaucratic madness from their school careers, so I fear this is, quite simply, endemic.

I'm official and everything! (:

Okay, I had to be admitted as a physiology major instead of a pre-nursing major. But I needed to do that anyway, in order to get into a physiology major-only set of classes I wanted to take. So I win.

Okay, I can consider the education process bookmarked until I see what financial aid I get offered. Time to focus on job hunting and getting my house in order (literally). (: