July 11th, 2005

My cat Quinn.

Quinn is the one of my cats who's had all the health problems over the last 13 months or so.

I changed her food a couple of days ago. Today she was being more forward than usual, and I figured out: she was bored. She wanted to play.

!!!She had enough energy to want to play!!!

Sorry to those of you who've never loved a living thing and watched it slowly fade away; to you, this probably won't make sense. To those of you who have, and had even a brief time of seeing the being you loved come back to a semblance of its former life, well, you've got a good guess how happy this made me.

Any of you who *do* have the experience, take a moment to enjoy your memories. We keep them alive in our hearts long after they leave, and I view that as a good thing.