July 14th, 2005

Nursing possibilities.

So, there are a few variations, but I have three primary options for ways to handle nursing school.

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Of course, I am currently giving thought to a, for me, new and radical thought: maybe it is *okay* for me not to live my life in fast forward. Maybe it is okay for me to take things at the same pace as slightly more normal people, and possibly split my additional time between deepening my education and doing stuff which makes me happy. My debts will be a bit deeper to start with, but the goal of this is to get me to a level of earning that will allow me, with modest diligence and a little time, to pay off a reasonable educational debt load.

On the flip side, do I have the ability to live this epiphany? Can I actually take a deep breath and say no to whatever shiny, stressful trouble comes along to tempt me if I have time on my hands?

EDIT: And I now find myself with strains of Bob Marley in my head: "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery/none but yourself can free you mind"...