July 22nd, 2005

Hey, look! *Good* news!

In the midst of everything else, I took Her Excellence, the Fuzzy Queen of All the Universe, the Quinn, to the Land of Evil, aka Countryside Veterinary Hospital.

1. Countryside is well-equipped and competently staffed. Dr. Troy Martens is not only good at what he does, but Quinn actually seems to *like* him. And he's kind of cute, in a vaguely geekboy sort of way.

2. Quinn's kidney values are normal. She can stay on the food she likes!

3. Her blood pressure was actually pretty good. Since she hadn't had her morning medication dose, that's a *really* good sign.

4. He didn't see any signs of current retinal bleeding or any flaps or thicknesses that would indicate previous permanent damage.

5. If I get the radioactive iodine treatment to her thyroid, it may not only solve the thyroid problem - it will probably make the high blood pressure go away.