July 28th, 2005

Practicalities Update.

1. Nursing books. I finally started unpacking my boxes of books last night around midnight. In addition to the warm shiny feeling of being able to see and find many more of my books, I also found all my old nursing textbooks. Which means I can start studying. Hopefully the gods will take notice and kick MSU's financial aid office repeatedly in the head until they disgorge a financial aid offer for me.

2. Need a printer. I am finally giving up on making my current printer work. Does anyone have an old, plain vanilla boat anchor of a laser printer they can either give me or sell cheap? I don't expect to be this lucky, but I've got toner cartridges for the HP LaserJet IIP, IIP+ and IIIP series, so any of those would be truly lovely.

Am not quite past the truly stupid belief in my own malevolent omniscience, but the processing proceeds apace. Managed to attend to my massage therapy client today, and have several tomorrow, which means money, yay.