August 29th, 2005

Miscellaneous notes.

1. I don't currently have internet access from home - I think the fuse for the living room has gone or something, because nothing is working. Hope to resolve soon, but it all depends on how quickly I can get to the new landlord.

2. First class went relatively well (hematology and urinalysis). I'm going to have to do some background restudy, but I think I'll do okay.

3. Just signed my promissory notes. I'd somehow skipped this step, and this was why my money hadn't arrived yet. Should be able to actually pay my rent, yay.

4. Parking on this campus is appalling. I'm going to go see if I've been ticketed or towed yet.

5. Next, on to LCC to try to weasel my way into the anatomy class I need.

6. Mood: stressed but surviving. I think "stressed and thriving" is on its way.