September 2nd, 2005

Fen helping fen.

Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon are coordinating the effort to help relocate SF/fantasy/RPG fen from the New Orleans area who need to live somewhere else for a while. First of all, it is cool. Second of all, anyone who has living space to spare might wnat to consider this.

The coordination site is:

Almost all...

...of the administrivia dust has settled. Now I can focus on learning how to become a truly effective student again. I'm really and truly looking forward to it. I'm going to learn a *lot* about blood, and pathophysiology, and cells, and...Wheeeee!!!!

However, time to stop talking about studying and time to go do it.

Happy shiny technology notes: SanDisk

I've got to give points to the SanDisk people, makers of the SanDisk Cruzer portable storage thingies.

I forgot mine was in my pants pocket, and put it through the washing machine. It still works. Remember when your entire computer needed to be kept in an air conditioned environment and not jarred too much, lest something bad happen?

I put a computer bit through a *washing machine*, and it's just *fine*. Woot. (:

Left East Lansing slightly irked...

...because other things were taking me away from the thing I wanted to do: study hematopoiesis. Which, mind you, is a cool, vastly complicated, and fascinating process (how the body makes all the different types of blood cells). But I'm amused that I'm studying something I find interesting enough that the other pieces of my life feel like an imposition. (: