September 6th, 2005

Excellence pathways.

Wanted to get the bare bones of this noted down while I still remember them. Wildly sketchy context is more for my benefit than yours. Feel free to ask questions about the concept, though; the questions will help me solidify the framework.

Senior student program.

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However, I've been thinking about it more, and had an epiphany about something I'll call an excellence pathway. Whether or not all people have a drive for excellence is a topic which could be hotly debated, but I know I do, and I know a lot of other people who do, as well. Many (though by no means all) of them are part of the swordfighting school I'm associated with.

However, even humans with a drive for excellence do not actually possess a godlike control of time. Therefore, it is necessary that we pick and choose which activities are going to get the focus of our time, resources, and mental and emotional energy. I am currently of the opinion that, depending on your life, you can probably have between one and three channels or foci. I am designating them as primary, secondary, and tertiary excellence pathways. After three, diminishing time makes the returns so diminished that I believe it is no longer accurate to describe it as an *excellence* pathway. You might have a quaternary focus path, perhaps, but excellence, I believe, takes time and resources.

In short, an excellence pathway is a chosen area of focus which receives a significant share of your time, and practical, mental, and emotional resources. Examples could include parenting, education, self-development, profeesional excellence, model building, or physical fitness. (The potential list is vast.)

Personal choices and the senior student program.

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