September 19th, 2005

Swordfighting demo last Saturday.

Time has been pretty tight for me lately, so last week, in the run-up to the demo at MSU by Aegis, I was feeling more stressed than anything. I often don't fight at demos, for two reasons. First, we only have a limited number of people who are comfortable talking with random strangers, and I'm one of them. That usually keeps me pretty busy.

However, the reason that really drives this is mostly about fear of two things: getting my ass kicked in public, or revving up to avoid the ass kicking, and hurting someone else badly. We usually have *far* more people who want to fight than people who want to talk, so I'm usually quite capable of using the "must schmooze" excuse. But an excuse is what it is.

However, on Saturday, we were doing a demo at MSU. Given that I was the only MSU student present who was fighting (metachaos couldn't arrive until late due to work), and we had a reporter from the State news present, I sort of felt I had to fight at least some, to hold up the flag.

I was very surprised to find that I had fun. Some of that is the effectiveness of the shield and axe weapon combination, and the fact that the other fighters haven't learned how to fight against it yet. I'll admit - winning is fun. But this wasn't simply satisfaction - I was truly *enjoying* myself.

I may have fallen back in love with my martial art.


It's 12:26 and I just saw my first reference to today being Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which I'd forgotten.

Consider yourselves reminded, you lily-livered excuses for buccaneers. (: