September 27th, 2005

Many small and medium-sized victories.

1. My last day at the coffehouse is today. All I have to do is complete the move, and I will actually have time to truly study.

2. Moved the "lease begins" date up. Can do my first stage move on Friday, October 5. Me, the bed, a basic kitchen, my textbooks, and the cats. The rest of the stuff can catch up with me over the following 1-3 weeks.

3. Got an oil change for the new car. She's an oil-burner, so that matters. Used a place which will allow me to come in any time I want and top up the oil.

4. Courtesy of kneesroverrated, I have a printer again. Turned out I had done the repair correctly, except for the step where I plug the power back into the formatting board. :*)

5. Quiz in my developmental psych class went relatively well, despite my failing to have studied for it.

By next Tuesday, I will have had the first major exam in all four of my classes. The Friday after that, I no longer have to commute from Howell on a daily basis. Did I mention I found subletters? If not, I did. So I can leave with a clear financial conscience.