September 28th, 2005

In coffeehouse news...

...last night was my last night. I get awakened by a phone call at about 6:40 this morning from the owner's husband asking me what I remember about closing, because someone apparently snuck down to the office either during closing or during the night, and all the cash from both cash drawers is gone.

Become truly tired of the chaos level of my life. Because I didn't actually really need to add being most reasonable suspect in a larceny case to the week that's going to include midterms and moving.

Cryptica, part II

Okay, it turns out they *are* even-tempered, when they're not in the process of venting pressure from the system so they can discuss things rationally.

O me of little faith. *wrist slap*


Dropped by on my way to class this morning, and the owners weren't looking at me at all funny. I strongly suspect they have A Theory about how the money went missing. Probably wasn't bunnies.

Task buffer full. Please try again later.

Quite a bit later, actually.

I have three major exams: one each on this Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. I get the keys for the new place on either Wednesday the 5th or Thursday the 6th. I agreed a week ago to flyer the MSU campus for my sword school. I am trying to acquire an actual good knee doctor for Liz. And I have begun application grabbing for Doug, since if he's not employed, my move goes all pear-shaped.

I have not had a full night's sleep in four days. Since I'm a sleep worshiper and have been ill, this is a particularly bad sign.

Please, please, please. I am completely out of both time and energy. Unless you are bleeding, suicidal, or I'm accidentally standing on your hand, please don't ask me to do anything for you until about October 9th.

If you want to help, feel free to send me pictures of adorable things, drag me out to look at a beautiful night, send me random packages with brightly colored or texturally enhanced objects. But if you want a piece of my time, please provide me with beauty, cuteness, fun, or resolution of some of my currently staggering goal set.