September 29th, 2005

Stress Rehab: Childlike Hedonism

Well, after the last few days of redlining, I've been making a conscious effort at not only cutting down the amount of new incoming stressors, but also helping the existing stress toxins out of my system. As a note to myself, I have to remember to include drinking additional water.

However, the core of what I'm doing falls under the heading of childlike hedonism. I've upped both my general awareness and what I'll term my "wonder awareness". For example, this morning, the sky is an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue, and sky, the trees, and the sparkle of the sunlight on Red Cedar (the river that cuts through the middle of campus) was worth stopping and just being with for a minute or so. And I really like the texture of the material of the shirt I'm wearing today.

As for wonder awareness, not only are chipmunks just adorable, they're so *cool*. It is pretty amazing how something with legs that small can move that fast. And I suspect today's studying is going to bring on a lot of dances of joy, both at the coolness of my brain in being able to master the material, and the niftiness of the human body in how it functions.

On a side note, for the last two days, my body has been reacting to thoughts of eating meat with a simple, visceral, "ick". Was actually realizing this morning that, should that prove permanent, which I doubt, I actually *can* now cook and eat in such a way as to survive comfortably without it. (Those few of you who've known me since my late teens will understand just why I think that is astounding.)

So, should you cross paths with me over the next few days or weeks and I'm a bit more touchy-feely than usual, don't be alarmed. I'm not hitting on you; I don't have the energy for anything with heavy emotional freight. I'm just enjoying your texture. (:


Do not piss me off for I know what your blood is made of...

Also, watch this space for the Amazing Travels of Dr. Ferrous and Mr. Side, the tale of an iron atom and its self-exploration, discovery, and eventual descent into degeneracy and destruction...

Okay then. Definitely time for sleep. Exam at 9:10 a.m. tomorrow.