September 30th, 2005

Sworfighters! This is a Bad Idea But.

The MSU campus is going to be packed this Saturday, because of the MSU/U of M game on campus. I usually take something like this as a sign from god I should be out of town. I am ignoring these particular gods today.

If I got approval from Sal, would any of you be interested in showing up with your weapons, I show up with cattle gates and paperwork, and we do a swordsmanship demo? We get to swordfight (always a plus), lots of people will see us (often cool), and there's an off chance that we'll get additional media coverage from at least the Michigan newspapers.

What say ye?

Looking good so far.

I'll do a score summary when they're all done, so far, I've taken two of my four exams.

Anatomy: score back - good
Hematology: test taken, no score yet - probably good

Possible job lead - physiology tutoring

I just got email from LCC's Tutoring Service department about their job tutoring physiology, anatomy, and bio sci. While I'd rather not have a job, this would solidify my own understanding of my material, and would give me enough money to buy Christmas presents and pay off debts outstanding to a few friends of mine...

The interview is on Monday at 10:30. We'll see what they want and whether I'm a good match.

Ever had... of those friends with an almost uncanny knack for causing you to remember things, often about yourself, that you don't want to remember? Ever get that really odd combination of a deep intellectual and ethical respect and thankfulness for them, combined with a nearly as deep emotional ambivalence?

I just had one of that type of interaction. So if I'm a little distracted and doing a bit more emotional and practical error checking than usual over the next few days, that's why. I'm not naming names because I don't want anyone mad at them, so don't even ask.