October 4th, 2005

Ah, yes, because I needed more educational excitement.

The grad student for my human development class just told us that, were she to take the exam we're taking on Thursday, she wouldn't take it for granted that *she'd* pass. Those who do well, she says, have read all the chapters in the book at least twice.

Six chapters today, and six chapters again tomorrow. Check. So much for getting a little bit of breathing room between now and the stage 1 move on Thursday/Friday.

Moving event

Trying to figure out when to schedule my stage II moving event. Those of you who might be available and willing to help, how do the following dates sound:

Sunday, October 16?
Saturday, October 22?
Sunday, October 23?

For those of you who haven't participated in my previous moving events, they go like this:

* many people show up,
* thus, no one overtaxes themselves, and
* at the end we hang out for several hours eating garlic chicken with coriander, vegetarian lasagna, brownies, and caramel rice pudding. (At a minimum. I might end up cooking more.)

Let me know when works for people.