October 5th, 2005

Shameless bribery.

We you like a chance to eat a lot of really tasty home-made food, and hang out with between 10 and 20 smart, interesting, highly competent people?

Then you should come join me for my Moving Event. Food includes garlic chicken with coriander, vegetarian lasagna, cinnamon brownies, caramel rice pudding, and other tastiness as I get time. If you've not been to a Tracy Moving Event, you should know that they, oddly enough, often devolve into a really lovely party, in the post-moving event portion of things.

A little bit of sweat (and not a whole lot, with this many people) is your ticket into a truly fine social event and free food.

If anyone is free to help me pack the week of the 10th, I will be doing the moving event on Sunday, October 16th. If not, Sunday the 23rd. Got questions or need details? Just leave me a comment.